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Six-digit serial numbers with no preceding letters, with the first number being the year. Some Squier II's were made in India around A lot of the Squier II's had a plywood body.

Korean Fender Serial Numbers

CY is followed by 2-digit year. CY appears on most models produced in China, and is by far the most common form. These forms are apparently associated with the change to Crafted in China, so post models only would have this form of serial number. Some Chinese Gretsch's use a CY serial number. YN is associated with 'made in china' rather than 'crafted in china' and was the year they swapped to 'crafted in china' and mostly CY prefixes.

Probably made by Yako Taiwan. Squier serial numbers beginning with CA are made by Axl China.


Bullet Series plywood , followed by 2-digit year. Some recent Squiers are being made in India. Tue Mar 04, 5: I wanted to know the age of my guitar, but now I have a suspicion that it is made of plywood. Tue Mar 04, I just got home to look at the serial number and The paperwork that came with it said 95, but I was doubting that, thanks guys. Tue Apr 01, 1: Does it fall into the 6 digit category or does the letter "E" in front add any significance?

Tue Apr 01, 2: Below Squier script is "Made in Korea. Wed Apr 02, 8: Fri Sep 19, 8: Mon Apr 02, 6: Can someone help me determine the age and country of origin of my Squier, the serial number is NCY Tue Apr 03, 6: Some Chinese made Gretsch guitars also have a CY serial number. The plant from which the COB serial number prefix models originate remains a mystery. No documentation, or comment from the manufacturer has resolved the question of which plant produced them.

Some Squiers that are sold only in the Chinese and Asian markets are made by Axl in China, these guitars usually have the serial number starting with CXS; with the 'X' standing for 'Axl'. That means that there could be a Tele, Strat, and Precision bass with the exact same serial number. At some point in , Fender decided to stop grouping the guitar ID number by model. He started using one sequence of serial numbers for all the guitars coming off of the Fender production lines including Teles, Esquires, Strats, and P-basses.

Some of these identification numbers are still out of sequence, jumbled up, or missing.

You may notice that there is a great deal of over lapping numbers in these nine years. The only way to verify an over lapping date is to check the corresponding neck date and body date. This list is a little convoluted because there are so many over lapping serial numbers.

The number column represents the general number grouping that Fender and most experts agree on. The low and high columns show the range of identification numbers that have been positively matched to specific years. As you can see, there is quite a bit of overlap. For some reason during , , and Fender decided to place zero or a dash in front of ID numbers periodically.

The Real Difference Between MIM Fender & MIM Squier Fat Stratocaster Guitar In My Experience

He was nearing his ,th guitar. This time all the identification numbers under 10, fill the empty digits with zeros. A lot of changes happened to the company as well as the guitars themselves under the new ownership. The identification number sequences were no exception. CBS came up with a new numbering system to take advantage of the fact that Leo did not use 6-digit ID numbers.

CBS continued the sequence Fender started in These era guitars are commonly referred to as the F series because of the neck plate design change. The new neck plate only had the Fender F logo stamped in place. In , Fender decided to stop stamping ID numbers in guitar parts and started making decals for the guitar peghead or headstock. Along with the new location a new series of serial numbers were instituted. Fender apparently was thinking long term because they developed a serial numbering system with one-letter codes preceding the indentification numbers.

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The letters referred to the decade that the guitars were produced. Most guitars then had a number following the one-letter code that designated the specific year. For instance, ID number S would be a guitar produced in In about Fender started making import guitars from Japan and around Fender started importing from Mexico. These guitars have a completely different set of serial numbers that I will talk about later in the article. This section only deals with USA made Fender guitars. Here are the decade numbers:. The new serial number system was a little complicated, but it does make it relatively easy to tell the date of the guitar.

Fender mass-produced the headstock decal without matching them with the annual production schedules of the guitars—meaning they made more decals for a given year than guitars. There were a few years where excess headstock ID number decals were produced and held over to the next year, the some guitars are actually dated with a previous year decal. To get the exact date on guitars made between and , it is important to cross-reference the dates on the neck written on the heel.

Here are a list of dates and codes that overlap years.

Squier & Fender Identification websites | Squier-Talk Forum

Aside from all of the errors and overlapping serial numbers, this system was quite improved from the previous ID number systems. If Fender would have executed the indentification numbers as planned, USA Fender guitars would be numbered as the following without any exceptions. You can use this table to lookup your Fender serial number after Throughout the years, Fender has run many limited edition, reissue, and custom guitars.

These guitars usually have a special two to four letter prefix before the serial number. Each prefix is unique to that model guitar. Here is a guide to lookup all of the different types of special Fender guitars with their own serial number pattern.

How to Date your Fender Guitar by Serial Number

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